Time for a carefree holiday in Tallink hotels

You have a present of a carefree holiday in Tallink Hotels. The gift card is valid in Tallink hotels Tallink City Hotel, Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel or Tallink Express Hotel. Accommodation to the value of €50 can be booked with a gift card.

Valid 6 months

Additional information

The gift card with monetary value is valid as a one-time payment method when paying for accommodation in Tallink hotels. The value of the gift card will not be exchanged for cash. If the cost of the selected accommodation is less than the value indicated on the gift card, the unused balance will not be refunded. If the rate for the desired room is higher than the monetary value of the gift card, the difference must be paid. Accommodation bookings with a gift card are subject to room availability. Club One bonus points are not accrued from purchases made in the Tallink Hotels e-shop.

Booking: Mon–Fri 9–18; Sat–Sun closed
Tel: +372 630 0808
E-mail: tallinkhotels@tallink.ee