Thai cooking school course for eight

Surprise your loved ones with Restaurant NOK NOK Thai cookery school gift card.

Two and a half hours of a cooking and the wondeful tastes of Thailand will come to an end with a joint feast where you can enjoy the 2 dishes that you preapared in the cookery school.
Restaurant NOK NOK brings the sunny Kingdom of Thailand in the Old Town of Tallinn. The recipient of the gift card has a perfect opportunity to learn the secrets of Thai cuisine and surprise their loved ones in the future.

Price for eight 450
Valid 12 months

Additional information

Thai restaurant cooking school gift card for eight people only from the e-shop!

Give a gift card for a 2.5-hour cooking school course to eight participants! Restaurant NOK NOK is an importer of the sunny Kingdom of Thailand in the Old Town of Tallinn. The restaurant’s chef Khampan and his team offer authentic Thai flavors in Tallinn’s Old Town. In addition to preparing and serving food, we also teach cooking.


We offer a welcome drink to start with. The chef introduces the dishes and Thai cooking principles, including the use of different spices that will be put to use while preaparing 2 different dishes. We present and provide a recipe and tips for cooking at home.
The nicest part is cooking together – all the wonderful aromas!

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