An invigorating day spa for men

Make it men’s day at the spa!
We have created a spa treatment for men. 150 minutes of face, hand and foot care is a good way to relieve tension, stress and fatigue! The treatment makes you feel goreat, makes your radiant skin and freshens up your look.
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Valid 6 months

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Give the man in your life an invigorating day spa gift card!

The men’s day spa treatment gift card includes a moisturising treatment with a facial massage. During the treatment, the skin is cleansed, toned, exfoliated, massaged, a deeply moisturising mask is applied to the face and it’s finished with cream. And that is not all! During the treatment, a spa manicure is performed, which means that hands are exfoliated, a mask is applied to the skin, and is massaged and finished with cream. And that is still not all. In addition, a spa pedicure to give your feet freshness, lightness and moisturising care. The day spa treatment lasts 150 minutes.

Important! The purchase price is not shown on the gift card.

Aqua Spa Beauty and Wellness Centre is located at Sadama 11A, Tallinn, Estonia.
To book a treatment, please contact us by phone: +372 630 1024, +372 630 1050, e-mail:

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